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 February 4
Winterfest  5k Results
 Saratoga Spa State Park
 February 10
 Camp Saratoga 8K Results
 Wilton Wildlife Preserve, Gansevoort, NY
 June 25, July 9, July 23, August 6, August 20
  Camp Saratoga 5K Trail Race Series Results
 Wilton Wildlife Preserve, Gansvoort, NY
 November 4
 Fall Back 5
 Saratoga Spa State Park


 February 5
Winterfest  5k trail run  Saratoga Spa State Park
 February 18
 Camp Saratoga almost 8k snowshoe race
 Wilton WIldlife Preserve, Gansevoort, NY
 June 26, July 10, July 24, August 7, August 21
 Saratoga Stryder Trail Run Results
 November 5
 Saratoga Spa State Park
 Fall Back 5 Results 


 February 7
Winterfest almost 5k trail run  Saratoga Springs, NY
 February 13
 Camp Saratoga 5 miler Snowshoe Race
 Gansevoort, NY
 June 27, July 11, July 25, August 8, August 22
 Saratoga Stryder Trail Run Results
 Gansevoort, NY


 February 1  
 Winterfest 5k Snowshoe Race   Saratoga Springs, NY
 February 15  
 Camp Saratoga 8k Snowshoe  Gansevoort, NY
 June 22
 Saratoga Stryder 5k Trail Run #1
 Gansevoort, NY
 July 6  
  Saratoga Stryder 5k Trail Run #2  Gansevoort, NY
 July 20
Saratoga Stryder 5k Trail Run #3  Gansevoort, NY
 August 3
Saratoga Stryder 5k Trail Run #4  Gansevoort, NY
  August 17  
 Saratoga Stryder 5k Trail Run #5  Gansevoort, NY
 November 6
 Fallback 5 Trail Run
 Saratoga Springs, NY


  February 2  
 Saratoga Winterfest 5k Snowshoe
 Saratoga Springs, NY
 February 8
 Camp Saratoga 8k Snowshoe
 Gansevoort, NY

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