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Racing Event Schedule 2020



  •            Club: Saratoga Stryders
  •            Team: Saratoga Stryders Racing Team


The intent of the charter is to:

  •            Announce the Team as an official entity within the Club.
  •            Promote and encourage Team racing within the Club.
  •            Provide a structured event schedule.
  •            Promote and encourage participation in USATF.
  •            Encourage social interactions and growth within the Club.


  •            The Team shall consist of two groups: Women’s and Men’s.
  •            Team captains shall be made part of each group and take a leadership role.
  •        Women’s Team Captain:  Lee Briggs
  •        Men’s Team Captain:  Neil Tyrell, with Eric Kennedy as Assisting Captain.      
  •            Individuals must be an active member of the Club, in good standing, and with current year dues paid.
  •            Individuals must SIGN UP with the Club to become a Team member.
  •            No additional fees are required to participate.
  •          Team participation does not require an active USATF membership, however, participation is encouraged.


The Club intends to budget and include annual funds to promote and encourage Team racing. 

  •            The approved budget for 2020 is $1,200.  This budget is intended to be used as described herein.
  •            The Club will award $25 to the first 40 members who sign up AND participate in three or more scheduled races.  This is intended to           promote further participation and continued or new USATF membership.
  •            The Club will pay for the purchase of Team singlets for Team members who do not have one or are in need of a replacement.  Up to           six singlets will be provided on a first come/request basis.  Stryder’s singlets shall be worn during race events to promote the Club’s             name.
  •            Race participation disbursements will be made at the end of the calendar year.


  •            Race event purses and prizes will be held by the Club and disbursed to team members at the end of the calendar year.
  •            Race event purses and prizes earned by each group will be divided evenly among each team member within the group.  This is only           for members who have participated in at least one race. 
  •            Time sensitive prizes will be disbursed when available.
  •            Team medals will be distributed to the members when available.  Team trophies will be held by the Team captains.


  •            A racing schedule of events shall be as determined by the Team captains in a timely fashion at the beginning of each calendar year.
  •            The 2020 Racing event schedule is included herewith in the link at the top.

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