The club for runners in Saratoga Springs, NY

     Saratoga Stryders Officers, 2021-2022

     President--Tom Law

Tom Law, president of the Stryders since 2016, is a native of Saratoga Springs who started running with the successful Saratoga High School cross country and track teams in the late 1980s. He later competed collegiately at Castleton State College in Vermont and the State University of New York at Cortland. A four-time marathon finisher and frequent participant in team relay runs locally and around the country, Tom is also an avid trail runner who also runs two to three half marathons annually. Tom is managing editor of ST Publishing Inc., which produces the popular daily racing newspaper The Saratoga Special and the website, and senior writer for Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred magazine. Tom also serves as president of the National Turf Writers and Broadcasters.


     Vice President--Lee Briggs

     Secretary--Corine Houry-Kling

     Treasurer--Neil Tyrrell

Stryders Officers Then and Now is a work in a progress. Please help us fill in the blanks of our history. Email to contribute information about our history.

1984-85 Mary Lou Dolan
1985-86 Les Klein Peter Finley
1986-87 Dennis McGhan
1987-88 Will Kolbe Rich Jones Colleen Farnan Dennis McGhan
1988-89 Bob Kerney Colleen Farnan Ed McGinn Jerry Dingus
1989-90 Chris McKnight Jerry Dingus Melanie Howard Joel Landis
1990-91 Marge Rajczewski Rochelle Fazio Mary Miner Bill Gorgos
1991-92 Dave Nicholas Jan Roth Dennis McGhan Bill Gorgos
1993-94 Jan Roth Michelle Beiter
1994-96 Peter Finley Marge Rajczewski Michelle Beiter, Jim Holser Cathy Taylor
1996-97 Tim Haskins Laura Clark Jim Holser Cathy Taylor
1997-00 Cathy Taylor Laura Clark Bill Taylor Aurora Lamperetta
1/1/2000 Rick McGuirk Laura Clark Chuck Martin Aurora Lamperetta, Cathy Taylor
9/1/2001 Laura Clark Colleen Farnan, Tony and Peg Mangano Chuck Martin, Steve Mastaitis Aurora Lamperetta, Jane Klein
11/1/2009 Rene Cooper Charles Petraske Shaun Donegan Jane Klein
2011-13 Jen Ferriss Charles Petraske Shaun Donegan Jane Mastaitis, Kim Zimbal
2013-14 Frank Lombardo Sue Nealon, Scott Ferri Shaun Donegan, Jamie Mastroianni Kim Zimbal-Donegan
2015-2016 Scott Ferri Peter Finley Jamie Mastroianni Katlin Wenzel
2016-2017 Tom Law Frank Lombardo Jamie Mastroianni Hilary Claggett
2017-2018 Tom Law Frank Lombardo Cori Houry Hilary Claggett
2018-2019 Tom Law Don Proulx Cori Houry Hilary Claggett
2019-2020 Tom Law Don Proulx Cori Houry Hilary Claggett
2020-2021 Tom Law Lee Briggs Cori Houry Hilary Claggett
2021-2022 Tom Law Lee Briggs Cori Houry Neil Tyrrell

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