Stryder Officers Then and Now is a work in a progress. Please help us fill in the blanks of our history. Email to contribute information about our history.

1984-85 Mary Lou Dolan
1985-86 Les Klein Peter Finley
1986-87 Dennis McGhan
1987-88 Will Kolbe Rich Jones Colleen Farnan Dennis McGhan
1988-89 Bob Kerney Colleen Farnan Ed McGinn Jerry Dingus
1989-90 Chris McKnight Jerry Dingus Melanie Howard Joel Landis
1990-91 Marge Rajczewski Rochelle Fazio Mary Miner Bill Gorgos
1991-92 Dave Nicholas Jan Roth Dennis McGhan Bill Gorgos
1993-94 Jan Roth Michelle Beiter
1994-96 Peter Finley Marge Rajczewski Michelle Beiter, Jim Holser Cathy Taylor
1996-97 Tim Haskins Laura Clark Jim Holser Cathy Taylor
1997-00 Cathy Taylor Laura Clark Bill Taylor Aurora Lamperetta
1/1/2000 Rick McGuirk Laura Clark Chuck Martin Aurora Lamperetta, Cathy Taylor
9/1/2001 Laura Clark Colleen Farnan, Tony and Peg Mangano Chuck Martin, Steve Mastaitis Aurora Lamperetta, Jane Klein
11/1/2009 Rene Cooper Charles Petraske Shaun Donegan Jane Klein
2011-13 Jen Ferriss Charles Petraske Shaun Donegan Jane Mastaitis, Kim Zimbal
2013-14 Frank Lombardo Sue Nealon, Scott Ferri Shaun Donegan, Jamie Mastroianni Kim Zimbal-Donegan
2015-2016 Scott Ferri Peter Finley Jamie Mastroianni Katlin Wenzel
2016-2017 Tom Law Frank Lombardo Jamie Mastroianni Hilary Claggett
2017-2018 Tom Law Frank Lombardo Cori Houry Hilary Claggett
2018- Tom Law Don Proulx Cori Houry Hilary Claggett

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