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Stryder's Virtual Half Marathon Relay

  • 14 Nov 2020
  • (EST)
  • 29 Nov 2020
  • 6:00 PM (EST)
  • Anywhere


Registration is closed

Registration is open for the Stryders Virtual Half Marathon Relay.  Teams can be anywhere from 1 to 4 runners at 13.1 miles. Yes, you can do it solo or find some friends. Pick your own distance, as long as each runner does a minimum of 3 miles. The “race” runs for 15 days, from the weekend of Nov. 14-15 through the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We will have fun prizes and Stryders Coach John Couch developed a scoring system to determine award winners outlined below.

Virtual Relays: When we think of traditional relay races, such as the Vermont City Marathon Relay, we think of teams of 3-5, running legs of a specified distance and location, made up of male or female runners within age categories like Open or Masters. These large races have dozens of relay teams in each category, competing on fairly equitable terms. But how do you create an equitable competition with a much smaller group of runners in the middle of a pandemic? That is the question we hope to address.

Step 1: Using Age/Gender Grading tables, we can calculate a performance as if the runner were a common age and gender; in this case, I’m assuming everyone is a male in his prime. This is the same method that has been used for the Age/Gender Graded award in the Stryders Camp Saratoga Trail Race series.

Step 2: Using these same tables, we can calculate an adjusting factor that balances race distances. (Think of it as, “Your 5k time/pace is x, so you should be able to run a half-marathon in y.”)  So, from a 5k time we can calculate a comparable time/pace for a half-marathon split. In fact, we can calculate a comparable time from any race distance to an equivalent half-marathon split.

Using these two steps, we have made any age, gender, or race distance comparable. This also means that it does not matter how many people we have on a relay team.

Due to limitations with the age grading tables, we will put a lower limit of 3 miles for each race leg. This means that a half-marathon relay team could have up to four runners or as few as one.

Bottom Line:

  • Create teams of between 1 and 4 people for the half-marathon relay.
  • Name your team, creativity highly encouraged.
  • Gender and age do not matter, other than they will factor into Age/Gender Grading.
  • If you are looking for team members, please feel free to use the Stryders Facebook page to fill in your team.
  • Each leg can be any distance of at least 3 miles, with the team total of 13.1.
  • You may run these legs together or separately with/from your team.
  • Register individually and include your team name on the registration form even if you are a team of one.
  • One team member submits distances and times for each runner and a total team time to
  • The Stryders Virtual Half Marathon Relay is free to enter, with voluntary donations accepted to benefit the club’s general fund (which was affected in 2020 by lack of Camp Saratoga series and FallBack 5). The Half Marathon Relay is not part of the 2020 Stryders Grand Prix.

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