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02 Mar 2017 6:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
The scene opens on a crisp, snow-sun morning with Jen Ferris in the Camp Saratoga parking holding her IPhone above her head, trying to get reception so she can show Maureen Roberts the winter that she is missing.  Maureen, in the Caribbean, was jealous.  We felt sorry for her on her sunny beach.  Are we crazy or what?!  When Maureen commented on the beautiful snow, Jen replied, “No!  Look!  We have heated bathrooms!  I guess we are crazy after all.

    At any rate, Camp gets my Barnyard vote for Most Improved Race.  Not for the snow, but for the fact that we had indoor bathrooms with two m/f stalls in each compartment, heated with underground coils.  No more dashing out to the end of the parking lot and waiting in the cold to use the porta potty!  No more smelly outhouse facility!
    Wintery enough to seem like winter, no one missed the -20 degree wind chill of the previous year.  Alice and Don Zeiger, on station at the road crossing were actually recognizable, not bundled in multiple layers.  Folks were enjoying their lunch sitting outdoors on the picnic tables, which I had previously shoveled free of snow.  How many folks shovel their picnic tables anyway?  Not a single hand warmer was distributed and I even came home with extra firewood!
    Winners were awarded snow-blue crowns and the rest enjoyed a wide assortment of raffle prizes.  Chloe, the Newfoundland came in once more as First Dog, having hiked a race-director approved shortened course in respect for her advanced age.  At 11 years young, in human years, 77, she was the oldest participant.
    Once more we all enjoyed the food and kitchen service provided by Peggy and Patricia Keefe in memory of Andy, a lifelong snowshoe enthusiast.  If we squint, we can almost see him there, enjoying his friends and his customary hot chocolate.
    It is amazing how fast the snow went.  The next day it was slush and for our Wednesday Night Owl Prowl, most folks opted for yaks rather than Dions.
    Stay tuned for next year as I will again try for Most Improved with a change to the finish line.  Enough of that steep hill descent with the screeching left turn to the finish.  Time to make it more gradual and conclude at the Flagpole.  Should have thought of that years ago!

    Think Snow!

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