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Wednesday Nights

April through October

The Wednesday Night Workout is an organized session for runners who would like to improve their road racing performance and level of conditioning. Runners of all ages and abilities attend ­ from those that run a 5K in less than 17 minutes to those that run at a nine minute pace. There are several groups of runners based on ability during a workout. The group dynamics and camaraderie of the runners result in an effective and enjoyable workout. Coach John Couch leads the workout. The workout season runs from April through October. Runners meet at the Saratoga Spa State Park in the Little Theater parking lot area on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm. During the Spa State Park workouts the entire park is utilized including the grass, trails and roads. No workout is ever repeated though the season adding variety to the runs. On the last Wednesday of each month, the workout is held at the Saratoga Springs High School track for a speed workout. Runners of all abilities attend from those who run a 5K in less than 17 minutes to those who run at a ten minute plus pace. Since the Wednesday Night Workouts involve a high level of performance, runners should be logging 6 months of consistent running before attending this group. Waivers Please note: Everyone and anyone is welcome to join us for our regular Wednesday and Saturday runs. Please be aware that our membership in RRCA requires us to ask that, as a non-member, you sign a waiver which will be available at each run.


Wednesday evening, 6:00pm


Saratoga Spa State Park Little Theatre:

Saratoga Springs High School:

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